Multifunctional Dumbbell Rack
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Multifunctional Dumbbell Rack

KSh 19,000

  • Powerful storage function
  • Heavy-duty welded structure
  • Cool appearance design
  • Flexible installation method
  • Rubber protective cover
  • 【Powerful storage function】—-only need a multi-functional dumbbell rack, you can store a series of fitness equipment such as kettle bells, dumbbells, weight plates, curl bars, etc., so that your home gym becomes more professional.
  • 【Heavy-duty welded structure】—–The entire fitness equipment storage rack is made of commercial-grade steel, has a super load-bearing capacity, always maintains its own stability, and will not become swayed by storing too many equipment.
  • 【Cool appearance design】—-the exterior of the dumbbell rack is polished, which is durable and effective against scratches and abrasion. At the same time, it reflects high-level luster under the refraction of light, adding charm to the overall space of the home fitness room.
  • 【Flexible installation method】—–The inclined placement design conforms to people’s habit of picking and placing things. The distance between the rails can be adjusted according to the length of the dumbbell. The top level design is a space specially designed for kettle bells.
  • 【Rubber protective cover】—– protect the floor from scratches, absorb shocks and increase resistance to the ground; in addition, make sure to install it correctly and tighten each bolt before use.


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